DocuMed Technology


• The DocuMed technology is based on the Microsoft family of products including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Server


• DocuMed is a Microsoft Certified Partner


• An assessment of the optimal blend of Microsoft products is performed to meet each individual client’s needs


• The resulting combination may encompass Microsoft client server, terminal services and wireless technologies allowing for secure connectivity whether in the office, surgical suite or home


• Seamless and secure web-based access may be granted to third party service providers like the transcriptionist or a billing service company


• DocuMed is wireless pen-tablet compatible


• DocuMed is a Ricoh-Lanier solutions partner for integrated enterprise printing, copying, scanning and faxing.



The DocuMed Software Suite, Beyond EMR

Why DocuMed?

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DocuMed will maximize the efficiency of all of your resources, the most valuable of which is your time. DocuMed’s simple yet powerful design tools instantly transfer your preferred clinical documenting processes into an electronic environment. The intuitiveness of the DocuMed program is apparent from the moment it is launched. Electronically capturing the patient encounter at the point of care is as easy as defining the flow that best suits you and your specialty. Physicians and practices each have unique ways of accomplishing clinical charting and DocuMed accommodates every nuance. DocuMed is developed to assimilate your thinking, resulting in what-you-think-is-what-you-get. It’s that straightforward.

Electronically collecting patient encounter data with DocuMed only begins to tell the story of this unique technology. At DocuMed, satisfying your charting style and workflow is the first step of a multi-component process that encompasses the Electronic Clinical Office (ECO). DocuMed goes beyond EMR by totally managing the life-cycle of your encounter documents. Identifying and assigning staff-specific roles in the clinical encounter documentation process, assures seamless and effective workflow management. Resources are shifted from high-cost clinical staff to more cost-effective office staff. DocuMed manages the documentation of the entire visit from beginning-to-end. DocuMed captures data that is contributed to the final encounter report every time a member of your care team makes contact with a patient.


Everything from the scheduling of the initial appointment and reason for the visit, to check-in, the scanning of patient-signed documents, photos, insurance cards and external documents, documenting the exam, the ordering and review of tests, patient-authorization to distribute consult letters or assessments, issuing prescriptions, follow-up and educational instructions and check-out are executed effortlessly. Additionally, DocuMed performs these functions with built-in checks-and-balances that demand that all of the appropriate and necessary elements of clinical documentation are completed and that there are no loose ends.


With DocuMed, all open cases are viewed at-a-glance. Whether the case is pending a review of lab results that have been electronically received and attached to the patient record, waiting for transcription to be completed, flagging documents to be distributed or identifying reports to be reviewed and electronically signed-off, DocuMed expertly brings their status to your attention for action.

Selecting the format of your document (tabular, form-based, textual, letter, lists, scanned…) as well as the user-input device (text, voice recognition, voice dictation and point-and-click) is totally at the user’s discretion. Automating your processes with DocuMed could not be simpler. Data collected is available for re-use in multiple documents and for rapid retrieval in a meaningful layout. DocuMed enables you to access, analyze and present outcomes data on individuals, groups or your entire patient base and is especially useful for trending data over time for comparative purposes or for clinical research. A powerful graphic engine displays data in a wide variety of graphs, charts or tabular formats. These can be used for historical analysis, clinical studies, quality control and practice analysis.


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Intuitive Navigation and Display Layout
EMR and Electronic Clinical Office Document Generation
Paperless Workflow and Electronic Document Management
Document Distribution Management
Fully Integrated Clinic and Provider Scheduler
Integrated Document Scanning
Prescription Writing
Claims and Billing Information
Integrated Outcomes Analysis and Querying Tool
Electronic Chart Embedded Dictation and Speech Recognition



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Intuitive Navigation and Display Layout


All of the patient’s relevant information is presented on one screen, eliminating the need to click multiple buttons to get an overview of the patient’s visit history. DocuMed understands the importance of quick access on a single screen. We also know the value of getting what you want instantly without having to constantly navigate back to a main anchor screen. Informed decision making is at your finger tips.
  • DocuMed utilizes a Microsoft Outlook® style user interface to facilitate ease of use and simplified training and adoption with a universally familiar environment
  • Complete clinical navigation on a single-screen
  • User defined shortcuts give quick access to your most used program tools
  • User defined hierarchical folder organization places information where you expect it
  • Display patient photos, before-and-after photos, insurance cards or documents received from external sources like lab results referral letters or consult letters
  • Selecting and opening a report for review is as easy as clicking once for a reading pane view or twice for a full page view
  • Screen presentation preferences are completely user configurable
  • User commands may be invoked by clicking an icon or the tool bar pull-downs or by right clicking on the report for additional choices
  • Sorting reports by date, provider, case …is as easy as dragging and dropping the heading
  • Patient search is intuitive and easy
  • Viewing and electronically signing-off reports by provider is quick and efficient
  • User defined fields are available to track additional discreet data
  • User defined summary tabs capture discreet data elements from reports and show a snapshot over time for quick and easy review, i.e. drugs prescribed or range of motion
  • Summary tab data may be quickly generated graphically to show visual trends of progress or deterioration
  • Several integrated graphing tools allow you to display multiple series of data on the same chart.  You can even compare these multiple series to "norm" values on the graph.  The X and Y axes can be any variables you choose.
  • Summary tabs can also be used as a data entry and capture tool that feed data into reports, i.e. employment status, allergies, past medical, past surgical, social or family histories
  • All relevant data from this case or a previous case is at the clinician’s fingertips and can be pulled forward including lab results and diagnostic tests
  • Pending tasks are presented for review or action in a single-screen such as:
    • Reminders for preventative health visits
    • Review of lab results or procedures
    • Patient messages
    • Patient medication refill status

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EMR and Electronic Clinical Office Document Generation


Your clinical documentation is only as good as the tools and processes that make it happen. DocuMed takes the pain out of creating templates and flowsheets. DocuMed is totally in sync with your vision of the way it should be.
  • DocuMed’s template designing tool, originally developed in 1988, is the most advanced and evolved in the industry
  • Simple and powerful template construction
  • Design templates with a Microsoft WORD compatible tool or import MS WORD documents directly into DocuMed
  • Specialty specific starter template sets available
  • Designed for use by solo, small, medium and large physician groups and clinical research organizations
  • Clinical forms and workflows may be readily replicated or re-engineered
  • Multi-physician practices may create physician-specific templates and workflows to accommodate individual workflow and patterns of care or agree on practice-wide methodologies
  • Multiple data input modes including traditional dictation, voice recognition, point-and-click (mouse or wireless pen-tablet) and scanning
  • The composition of the final patient encounter may be a single working document or a number of individual working documents that are task and care-provider (PA, RN, Physician) specific, populated as the patient progresses through the office and merged together to form the final patient encounter report upon visit completion
  • Pull discreet data or entire reports into other reports
  • Comprehensive demographic information is captured through integration with other systems or entered at the first point of contact
  • Manage and document procedures performed in surgery centers


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Paperless Workflow and Electronic Document Management


Nothing could be more important than knowing that the diligence you practice seeing patients results in complete and comprehensive clinical documentation. We know that it takes an entire office to pull it all together. With DocuMed’s automated processes you can have peace-of-mind knowing that all of the contributory components essential to comprehensive documentation have been collected by you and your staff, dictation has been transcribed, items are ready for review and the final encounter and other ancillary documents are waiting to be electronically signed-off and distributed.
  • Patient reports or select sections of patient reports are easily and automatically merged into subsequent patient reports eliminating redundant data entry
  • DocuMed’s full-circle, closed-loop documentation assures that all of the necessary components of a final patient encounter report are completed
  • The patient encounter documentation process begins with the first point of contact and continues through examination, surgery and follow-up
  • Initial patient intake information such as demographics, reason for visit and scheduling are confirmed by front desk staff
  • Front desk staff generates all forms to be completed, verified and signed by the patient as well as clinical visit flowsheet documents that follow the patient through the office
  • Front desk staff scans all insurance cards, drivers licenses, patient–signed documents attesting to reason for visit, social, family and medical history, HIPAA patient privacy and permission to release information which are then attached to the patient chart for on-demand retrieval
  • Digital photos are also attached to the patient chart effortlessly
  • External hard copy documents from referring physicians or lab results may be batch or individually scanned
  • All scanned items are saved to the SQL Server database in the Adobe PDF format
  • All incoming faxes can be automatically saved to Adobe PDF format, ready for electronic mark-up or signature and attached to the appropriate patient chart
  • Outgoing documents may be electronically e-faxed or emailed to the specified Patient Care Team member eliminating the unnecessary generation of paper
  • Relevant information captured by mid-level staff (PA’s, RN’s) will retain individual accountability while automatically feeding into and contributing to the final patient encounter report
  • Family, social and past medical history are updated with each patient visit and automatically reused in new encounter reports after presenting the data for review by the physician
  • DocuMed’s inherent checks and balances readily identify missing elements or incomplete documentation due to pending issues
  • Results in complete and auditable documentation with nothing slipping through the cracks
  • Seamless and consecutive electronic sign-off capability minimizes time-for-review and approval
  • Electronic sign-off captures all open items for follow-up and assignment to staff
  • Electronic sign-off of reports assures that all aspects of the documentation process have been reviewed and approved and that follow-up tasks are performed
  • At-a-glance status of all open patient cases

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Document Distribution Management


Have you ever wondered whether that consult or referral letter was ever sent? How about the request for documentation from the patient’s lawyer? With DocuMed you can stop wondering and know that it was sent, how it was sent and that it was sent expeditiously and only to those authorized by the patient.


  • The completed patient encounter report professionally formatted with your logo (reduces print-shop costs) as if it were dictated and transcribed
  • Based on patient-granted permission and the patient’s request (HIPAA requirement), the final patient encounter report or consult letter is ready for distribution to referring physicians, attorneys, insurance companies or to any other entity the document need be sent
  • The Patient’s Care Team index controls which entities may receive patient care documents
  • The assignment of a case type to each visit organizes and simplifies the review, annotation and distribution process
  • Patient Care Team member status and the case type determine which Patient Care Team members receive patient care documentation
  • Outgoing documents may be electronically e-faxed or emailed to the Patient Care Team member eliminating the unnecessary generation of paper

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Fully Integrated Clinic and Provider Scheduler


DocuMed makes scheduling and tracking patients a breeze. Integration allows a provider to select the patient right off the schedule to review their chart or access any other patient information. The exam can also be launched directly from the schedule eliminating unnecessary name searches and screen changes.
  • Integrated electronic schedule
  • Quick–toggle to patient’s medical records directly from the schedule
  • Launch into documenting the encounter from the schedule
  • Find next available appointment based on patient criteria (i.e. three weeks from now on Wednesday or Friday afternoons)
  • Multi-resource scheduling
  • View or print schedule by provider or clinic in daily, weekly or list format
  • Customize schedules with variable time slots
  • Single or recurring time slot blocking
  • Add appointment notes
  • Automatically tracks no-shows and cancellations
  • On-screen check-in/check-out status
  • View patient appointment history

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Integrated Document Scanning


Sophisticated scanning is included with DocuMed.  No need to acquire a costly add-on product from a third party and integrate it.  Scanning is already integrated into DocuMed.  With equipment from our partners at Ricoh-Lanier, scanning is totally automated.  Incoming faxes are automatically converted to Adobe .PDF format and ready to be reviewed and attached to the patient’s chart, available to be retrieved at anytime.  Batch or individual scanning of incoming hardcopy patient documents has never been more efficient.

  • Front desk staff scans all insurance cards, drivers licenses, patient–signed documents attesting to reason for visit, social, family and medical history, HIPAA patient privacy and permission to release information which are then attached to the patient chart for on-demand retrieval
  • Digital photos are also attached to the patient chart effortlessly
  • External hard copy documents from referring physicians or lab results may be batch or individually scanned
  • All scanned items are saved to the SQL Server database in the Adobe PDF format
  • All incoming faxes can be automatically saved to Adobe PDF format, ready for electronic mark-up or signature and attached to the appropriate patient chart

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Prescription Writing


DocuMed addresses the most pressing issues on physician's minds today regarding prescription writing. Can I quickly generate a prescription, print the prescription or transmit it electronically to the pharmacy and access the patient's prescriptions from anywhere for review and renewal?   With DocuMed, you can.
  • Medication prescribing available from any access point to issue, renew or review a prescription
  • Prescriptions may be printed or e-faxed/emailed directly to the pharmacy

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Claims and Billing Information


DocuMed knows that ensuring the proper claim information gets to your billing system or billing entity is critical to the financial success of your practice.  With DocuMed you can rest assured that complete and reliable billing information is captured and transferred.

  • Relevant billing information is consolidated for review and submittal by your billing entity or practice management system. It includes the systems reviewed for level of billing, ICD and CPT codes as well as all supporting documentation that may be requested by an insurer
  • CPT coding at the appropriate E&M coding level
  • User modifiable and defined CPT descriptions for internal reference while adhering to external CPT reporting requirements

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Integrated Outcomes Analysis and Querying Tool


Having a simple to use data analysis tool to instantly probe patient, practice or provider data is essential when making medical or business decisions. Data analysis can be performed within the DocuMed program for quick and insightful views of data. Or other MS SQL Server compatible querying tools may be used.
  • Built-in instant reporting capability giving instant access to data analysis

  • Trend data over time for comparative purposes

  • Analysis by provider, procedures, diagnoses, insurance, demographic and all clinical data

  • Multiple graphical presentations of all queries at the push of a button

  • Query and analyze aggregate data or practice patterns

  • Collect data for clinical trials or other research projects

  • Compatible with all third-party MS SQL Server tools for querying data

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Electronic Chart Embedded Dictation and Speech Recognition


Dictate directly into the chart to create a .WAV file to be transcribed later or directly create notes in the chart using speech recognition software from Dragon Naturally Speaking.


  • Quickly and easily dictate or use Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical Edition to insert text into user defined areas of the report
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking seamlessly integrates with DocuMed
  • The DocuMed integrated dictation tool allows for the narrative generation of clinical notes to be automatically inserted into a report template along with structured data
  • Using the DocuMed dictation module, the user simply speaks into a microphone and a .wav file is created that is tagged to the selected area of the report
  • The transcriptionist sees a list of all dictations and simply opens each one, listens, types, closes and proceeds to the next
  • The report dictation marker eliminates the need to cut and paste, search for the patient or locate the correct place in the report
  • Dictations are accessible remotely to reduce internal transcriptionist staffing
  • All transcribed text is flagged for review and electronic sign-off

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