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DocuMed Technology


• The DocuMed technology is based on the Microsoft family of products including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Server


• DocuMed is a Microsoft Certified Partner


• An assessment of the optimal blend of Microsoft products is performed to meet each individual client’s needs


• The resulting combination may encompass Microsoft client server, terminal services and wireless technologies allowing for secure connectivity whether in the office, surgical suite or home


• Seamless and secure web-based access may be granted to third party service providers like the transcriptionist or a billing service company


• DocuMed is wireless pen-tablet compatible


• DocuMed is a Ricoh-Lanier solutions partner for integrated enterprise printing, copying, scanning and faxing.



DocuMed Implementation, Training and Support


Why DocuMed?

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  • Implementation and training are customized to each office and staff
  • Training is typically a mix of classroom, on-site and web-based instruction that is tailored to each client
  • DocuMed project planning services define the scope of the project and the steps to be taken to meet the objectives
  • DocuMed project plans are mutually agreed upon before execution
  • DocuMed works side-by-side with its clients to assure success and a 100% referenceable client base
  • Continuing education and training are offered periodically
  • Support is available via a dedicated telephone extension that connects you directly with our support staff
  • Support is also available via email to a dedicated email support address
  • Anticipatory problems or issues will always be brought to your attention so that they may be proactively addressed


Product Support

DocuMed, Inc. offers all DocuMed users a complete product support package.  Our service and support program provides for supplying all subscribers with the following benefits:

  • Telephone-based or on-site update installation support
  • Support is available via a dedicated telephone extension that connects you directly with our support staff
  • Support requests are also accepted via email to a dedicated email support address
  • Web-based on-line support to accelerate communication and understanding



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Annual Software Update Subscription


It is important that the latest release of the DocuMed software is installed on your system. The DocuMed Annual Software Update Subscription assures that you are always running with the latest release. New functionality, features, improvements and adjustments are made to the software on an ongoing basis, just as you would expect from the most advanced ECO software available.


  • Annual subscriptions entitle DocuMed licensees to the latest software developments as they are released
  • Annual subscribers are provided with all updates, service packs and new versions as they are released


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DocuMed divides training into two curriculums to deliver the most relevant and comprehensive knowledge to each classification of user. DocuMed identifies two types of users, the super-user or administrator and the clinical or basic user. We prefer to utilize a train-the-trainer methodology and have found it to be highly cost effective and efficient.
DocuMed utilizes online web-based training, classroom training in Ann Arbor and onsite training at your location. We are available to answer questions, provide additional training or brief tutorials with minimal advance notice.

  • DocuMed Super-User or Administrator Training

This topic focuses on the template design and system administration. The goal is to instruct the user on modifying and/or designing templates and capturing the clinic workflow in DocuMed. Software functionality including entering and retrieving patient data, advanced template design, schedule setup, scanning implementation and dictation or voice-recognition are covered. The super-user or administrator is trained in all aspects of DocuMed and has super-rights and privileges to make changes and grant access rights to other users.

  • DocuMed Basic or Clinical Training 

This topic focuses on day-to-day use of the DocuMed program. The goal is to familiarize the user with DocuMed and is designed to introduce the user to the electronic clinical office environment, related terminology, and basic functions and how it relates to their specific clinical role. Entering and retrieving patient data from the system, scheduling, scanning, document review, electronic sign-off and document distribution are covered. Training can be tailored to the individual’s role in the clinic.

The DocuMed training curriculums are well defined and have proven success.  However, implementation and training are unique to each client and will be designed and scheduled to fit your needs.



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Flexible Implementation 


A successful product implementation requires thorough training, coupled with careful attention to your specific needs.  DocuMed is a flexible, user-configured tool which allows you to practice medicine the way you choose.   You do not need to adapt your workflow to accommodate DocuMed.  We provide a variety of specialty-specific EMR templates which you can use as starting points in your implementation program.  Our implementation specialists will aid you in adapting these templates to your practice style, help you develop your own practice templates from scratch or we can design them for you..


As you progress through the DocuMed implementation program, DocuMed training and implementation specialists will be available every step of the way to insure a successful installation.


For more information, call us or fill out the Request For Information form to learn more about our implementation program.


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