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• The DocuMed technology is based on the Microsoft family of products including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Server


• DocuMed is a Microsoft Certified Partner


• An assessment of the optimal blend of Microsoft products is performed to meet each individual client’s needs


• The resulting combination may encompass Microsoft client server, terminal services and wireless technologies allowing for secure connectivity whether in the office, surgical suite or home


• Seamless and secure web-based access may be granted to third party service providers like the transcriptionist or a billing service company


• DocuMed is wireless pen-tablet compatible


• DocuMed is a Ricoh-Lanier solutions partner for integrated enterprise printing, copying, scanning and faxing.



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Why DocuMed?

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DocuMed was founded in 1988 by a Minneapolis based orthopedic surgeon and a technologist. From the beginning, DocuMed was destined to change the way medical documentation is performed. DocuMed invented unique documentation system processes for document generation that continue to be the core of the software today. Although the DocuMed technology never stopped evolving and improving by taking advantage of the tremendous advance in technology over the last two decades, the powerful and fundamental teachings of the original DocuMed remain.


Numerous additional features and functionality along with integrated modules for scheduling, scanning and voice recognition are combined with a modern MS Outlook style user interface and a MS SQL Server database engine resulting in a highly sophisticated yet easy to use and implement Electronic Medical Record, and more importantly, Electronic Clinical Office solution. DocuMed implementations range from elegantly simplistic to research-grade granular data capture.


Decisions about when and which modules are implemented and the ultimate structure of templates and workflows are the discretion of the user. We will guide you through the DocuMed document generation, workflow and distribution processes to realize your vision of a true Electronic Clinical Office, just as we have done for many other clinics like yours. We are well known for being highly responsive and treating each client with a personal touch. We welcome you to learn more about DocuMed and to join our family of users.